Whiting-Turner specializes in general construction management projects in all sectors, including utilities, retail, transportation, education, healthcare and more. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, they employ more than 13,000 people and earn more than $8.4 billion a year. The PCL family of companies includes independent general contractors for construction. The company employs more than 4,400 people in the United States, Canada and Australia. If you would like to try your hand at working with McDermott, you can visit the Suppliers and Subcontractors page on the website. While most contractors find Turner pays on time, one contractor said, “This business takes an average of 124 days to pay each of our bills could definitely be faster,” while another contractor said, “Excellent! Better than anything we have been working with for many years. Whiting-Turner is one of the leading construction companies because it provides general construction management services at all levels with projects of all sizes and in markets such as healthcare, education, transportation, utilities, retail, technology and more. Whiting-Turner, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, employs 13,000 people and has $8.4 billion in revenue. Whiting-Turner Contracting not only offers excellent management services, but was also named to Forbes` list at #201 for Best Diversity Employers 2020 and #48 for The Largest U.S. Private Companies in 2019.

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, Inc. provides general contractor services. The project portfolio includes arts and entertainment, cybersecurity, energy, federal/military, food and beverage, healthcare, higher education, hospitality/hospitality, industry, private and public education K-12, sports and fitness, science and technology, nanoresearch, critical businesses (data centers), museums, offices, public/utility, retail, senior living, transportation, and warehouse/distribution projects in the United States. PowerChina is one of the largest construction companies in the world and one of the largest companies in China. Like most of the other companies on this list, they work internationally. They work mainly in the fields of energy and infrastructure. And this year, among other things, he will be working on a major infrastructure project in Kenya. The company employs more than 135,000 people and has annual revenues of approximately $45.5 billion. Founded in 1870, gilbane Building Company has long been a relevant general contractor.

Today, the company employs approximately 2,773 people and has more than 25 offices from New York to California. Founded in 1902, Turner Construction has grown to become one of the largest general contractors in the United States. The company employs around 10,000 people and undertakes at least 1,500 national projects per year. Walsh Group typically works on projects related to construction management and design, with a focus on infrastructure and industrial energy. Among the most famous projects of this general contractor are the bridges of the Ohio River (Kentucky) and the I-540 Western Wake (North Carolina) highway. Attention, construction project manager! Here is the list of the world`s largest construction companies and the projects that make them great. Skyscraper for skyscrapers, bridge for bridge, stadium for stadium, the world`s largest construction companies are not just expanding a huge industry; They really build and shape our environment. And the demand for construction work continues to grow. A strong global economy goes hand in hand with the growth of the construction industry. Currently, the global construction industry is expected to reach about $10.5 trillion by 2023, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% from 2018 to 2023. The market for international entrepreneurs is slowly starting to reverse after several years of sluggish activity caused by falling oil prices and political uncertainties.

However, the recovery in oil prices is not leading to a rapid increase in the workforce. In addition, internal national and regional tensions and concerns about a possible trade war over tariffs are leaving many international companies cautious. Balfour Beatty has been a leader in the commercial construction industry in the United States for nearly 80 years. Many know this construction company for their work on dams, railways and power plants. They were the entrepreneurs of the elegant tribute to the Pentagon Memorial and the Zero Carbon Building, Hong Kong`s first carbon-free building. For their sustainable construction, they received a Hong Kong Green Building Award. .